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I’m Monica Maya. I love baking and all food things. I started baking when I was 16 and throughout the years, and quite a few kitchen disasters, I have been experimenting in the kitchen and feeding friends and family.

Being Mediterranean, I love good locally-sourced ingredients, seasonal cooking and making up my own recipes. I try to incorporate these things in my baking and cooking.  I have lived in the UK for almost 10 years and have become obsessed with English baking classics. For me, there’s nothing like a slice of a fluffy and buttery Victoria sponge cake.I am an organic food lobbyist, a coffee addict and a chocolate geek. I am also a strong believer that food pleases bodies and souls, and brings families together and friends closer.

Happy baking!

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  1. Hi Monica

    it’s Pete, the chef at Vaughan’s Kitchen. have just got back from the Cabo de Gata near Almeria with my family. Fabulous time and just soaked up the moorish history. had some weird virus that ate my email addresses, so found your blog which is great.

    need to touch base with you on Spanish class, have reserved a place for your partner. have decided the practicals for everyone to do,. you can call me on mobile 07050176072, but I’m not good at answering it as i ban mobiles in the kitchen for staff, so I lead by example!” you can also try The Bistro 01380 720043 I am there both thur and fri pm, we get quite busy from 7,30 onwards.

    looking forward to meeting up with you both, we almost have a full class. I have brought back the whole dried peppers for making fresh paprika.

    happy Andulicia sunshine

    Pete Vaughan

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